We are The Quincys, and we love sharing good music for kids.

The Quincys

Our names are Polli, Roc and Sundrop, and we live in the Big Fig, in Ladybird Lane.

We love making things, playing, looking after nature and of course making music!

Our creators are Gregor Hacska & Zanni Louise. Gregor makes the music, with his pals Lee A. Spencer, Nina-Rae Saunders, Shelly Hughes and Ash Bell. Zanni does all the other stuff.

Every month, we’ll release a new original song for children, that parents will also enjoy. Through the month, we’ll share stories about the songs, activities for kids and information about how you can help look after your world too.

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You can listen to our music through the site and on YouTube, but if you would like to support us, please buy a song. We are completely self-funded, so your help will mean we can continue on this fun musical adventure.

Polli, Roc & Sundrop

Gregor Hacska & Zanni Louise